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NOT READY FOR PEACE: Tshisekedi Admits He is Not Ready to Negotiate With Kagame For Peace

Aggressive Democratic Republic of Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi has confirmed he is not ready to meet his Rwandan counterpart President Paul Kagame to negotiate for the end of the deteriorating security tensions between the two countries.

The eastern region of the DRC has been plagued with war for decades with the situation having deteriorated recently following the emergence of the M23 rebel fighters who are believed to be backed by Rwanda.

While millions of Congolese people in the east continue to lose their lives from the effects of the war, Tshisekedi is not looking for any solutions to end the people’s suffering.

Speaking in an interview with German broadcasting network, DW, Tshisekedi revealed he is not planning to meet Kagame to negotiate for peace but rather to worsen the situation even further by calling his counterpart a “criminal”.

“I have always said that I will never meet the M23, because it is precisely, as I said, it is an empty shell that was created precisely to justify the aggression against my country, the DRC. But in reality, the real aggressor, the real criminal, is Paul Kagame and I want to meet him not to beg him or to negotiate anything with him. say clearly, eye to eye, that he is a criminal, that that is enough.” the Congolese President tells the Deutsche Welle.

The African Union (AU) have met both Tshisekedi and Kagame with view of bringing the two leaders together for dialogue to end the tensions between the two countries.



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