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NO SHOW: Joseph Kabila Maintains DR Congo Public Absence Despite Reports of Kinshasa Return

Former Democratic Republic of Congo President and life senator Joseph Kabila was once again the most notable absentee from the inaugural plenary of the Upper House of the Congolese Parliament held on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 at the People’s Palace in Kinshasa.

After several weeks abroad, President Joseph Kabila Kabange has recently been reportedto have made his return back home in Kinshasa with the Congolese population left highly expectant of the former leader’s long awaited public appearance in the country ahead of the senatorial plenary at parliament on Tuesday.

However, Kabila remains distinguished by a very eloquent silence towards the country’s institutions and several other subjects that affect the daily happenings in the DR Congo.

His attitude, which at the same time is frightening for some, also shows his great personality for others.

After his remarkable absence during the inauguration of his successor Félix Tshisekedi, Kabila continues to deprive the country of his presence and his words during major demonstrations, despite being an emblematic figure who could bring his wisdom and experience to the smooth running of the country.

Even after been singled out and accused by the Tshisekedi government of forming political relations with Corneille Nangaa to oust the state, President Kabila has not reacted to any of the false rumours peddled against him with only his political family has come to his defence to justify his innocence.

Will he take part in the next plenary sessions of the Senate for this new legislature? Only the future will answer this question favourably.



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