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NO MORE TSHISEKEDI IN POWER: The People Of The Great Orientale Backing Katumbi To Get Rid Of Tshisekedi’s Inhumane Regime

After five long years of misery and suffering heaped on them by their own leader who had set out a personal vendetta against them, the people of Grand Orientale now have the chance to liberate themselves from harsh and inhumane treatment faced.

Exiled former Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) President Corneille Nangaa has welcomed opposition common candidate Moïse Katumbi to the Great Orientale region whose people are preparing to go to a ballot battle to get rid of their tormentor President Fèlix Tshisekedi in the December 20 General Elections.

The ex-CENI President is a confessed former accomplice to the 2018 election rigging scheme that made Tshisekedi president who has since been forced into exile by the incumbent after his repentance.

Nangaa has backed Katumbi’s arrival in the Great Orientale region with the opposition candidate, like the people in the region, having had his own share of torment and inhumane treatment at the hands of Tshisekedi.

Nangaa highlighted the several actions carried out by Tshisekedi in order punish the people of the region who have no access to electricity, roads and have been plunged into a regional conflict initiated by the ruling government.

Nangaa writes;

1. We welcome Mr. @moise_katumbi CHAPWE to the Grande Orientale. His fight against the oppression and state banditry established by Mr. TSHILOMBO proudly meets the pillars of our determination to rid our country of this inhumane regime. Mr. KATUMBI is one of the main victims of this regime for having suffered unbearable personal insults and against his close collaborators, some of whom were murdered (C. OKENDE), arbitrarily taken prisoner (KALONDA S K DELLA, MUKEBAY) and or fatally sought after. .

2. Tshopo, Ituri, Haut-Uélé and Bas-Uélé were punished with TSHILOMBO out of malice. To crush our people, he established tribalized administrations (Ituri and Tshopo) to suck wealth for the benefit of his biological family.

3. Mr. TSHILOMBO has fertilized operational armed groups in the region to dehydrate the spatial economy, exterminate the natives and intensify the suffering of the inhabitants. A Tshilombo wickedness so harmful that it has no pity for any of our communities. Five years of harsh colonization without any infrastructure, without roads and nothing. Kisangani was punished with a deliberate deprivation of electrical energy and a community conflict fabricated by the tribal Governor of Tshopo in Lubunga while Bunia is forced to continually count its dead in a theatricalization of a State of Business Headquarters.

4. Let us invite the courageous people of the Greater Oriental region to very fraternally welcome compatriot MOÏSE KATUMBI CHAPWE on his electoral tour. He is one of the rare Congolese who believe in a bright future for our Nation.

5. Despite the excessive pretenses of Mr. TSHISEKEDI and his gang of carambolours, we persist and sign: THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS. They know that the date will not hold with a CENI in the mire of incapacity and professional and technical inadequacies.

6. Our watchword in Tshopo, Ituri, Haut-Uélé and Bas-Uélé: NEVER AGAIN TSHISEKEDI INm POWER. Before his departure this end of the year, FÉLIX TSHISEKEDI must publicly return to the Congolese the 900 million dollars from RAM, 800 million from Tshilejelu, 600 million from the 100 Day Program.



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