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NO CEASEFIRE: DRC Army, M23 Rebels Clash 24 Hours After African Union Summit

Fighting reportedly flared on Monday (Feb. 19) between the DR Congo’s army and M23 rebels.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a security source said clashes began on 5:am in the Kitshanga area, northwest of the main eastern city of Goma.

The fighting come as regional leaders called once again on Friday for a ceasefire and for all armed groups to withdraw from occupied territory by March 30.

It is believed that over 120 armed groups and self-defense militias fight in eastern DRC.

The M23 group whose name stands for the March 23 Movement, re-emerged from dormancy in November 2021, accusing the DRC of ignoring a promise to integrate its fighters into the army.

Winning a string of victories over state forces the rebels now near the provincial capital Goma.

The Democratic Republic of Congo accuses its neighbour Rwanda of backing the rebels, a charge supported by a group of UN experts, which Kigali denies.

Credit: African News



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