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NEW ACTS OF DESTRUCTION: Tshisekedi Sends DEMIAP Agents to Raid Mzee Kabila’s Foundation

Africa’s new dictator and DR Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi renewed his cruelty against former President Joseph Kabila and his family as he sent agents from the military intelligence unit (DEMIAP) to raid the former statesman’s property in Kinshasa.

On Wednesday 13th March 2023, a combined unit of heavily armed DEMIAP agents and soldiers, acting on the instructions of Tshisekedi, stormed the late President Mzee Laurent-Désiré Kabila Foundation and closed all entries and exits at the building.

The DEMIAP agents seized the military vehicle which was used as a hearse which carried the remains of the late third Republican President, Laurent-Désiré Kabila.

The soldiers also took with them flash drives as well as a luxurious wrist watch belonging to the late stateman’s daughter, Jaynet Kabila who is the director at the Foundation.

Some workers who were found at the premises were also bundled into the military vehicle and taken to the DEMIAP headquarters.

Tshisekedi has sworn to reduce the Kabila family to nothing and placed a ban on Joseph Kabila from the DR Congo territory as he views the latter as a potential political threat.



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