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MUSEVENI’S AGENT: Jean-Pierre Bemba Goes For Katumbi At A Rally

Former rebel leader and human cannibal Jean Pierre Bemba has launched a scathing attack on opposition leader Moise Katumbi asking him to chose Congo or Zambia.

Bemba, a convict of the International Criminal Court who killed millions of Congolese with Uganda leader Yoweri Museveni, was speaking at a rally in Thiangu.

Katumbi has upset the ruling class in their strongholds with record setting crowds that have chanted songs of solidarity and assured the former Katanga governor.

As a result, the ruling class is agitated with the wave of change and resorted to challenging Katumbi’s nationality even when the Constitutional Court has already adjudicated.

“Let him come and tell the Congolese people if he is Zambian or not,” Bemba said of Katumbi.

He also turned to respected Nobel prize winner Dr. Denis Mukwege who is running for election as an independent and said, “The DRC is not an operating room.”



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