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MUKWENGE DEPLORES HUMAN RIGHTS: Diongo’s Arrest Is Illegal & Inhuman

Nobel peace prize winner Denis Mukwege says he is shocked to learn that opposition leader Franck Diongo was arbitrarily arrested and illegally detained at a military intelligence location known as DEMIAP.

Dr. Mukwege, a respected figure in east Congo and globally, says Diongo was placed in a dump, a situation that brings him to choose either death or life.

He says Diongo has been deprived of his universal right to health.

“We condemn this regime’s liberty drift & demand his release & transfer to a hospital of his choice,” said Dr. Mukwege.

The physician who is hoping to also challenge for the presidency in the December 20, 2023 polls is displeased with President Felix Tshisekedi for paying a blind eye to human rights.

Militry intelligence has revealed that Diongo was arrested because he assigned his boys to offer support to Ensemble pour la Republique leader Moise Katumbi during a recent visit to Kinshasa.



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