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MORE PROTESTS: Violent Protest against the International Community & the UN Escalate In Kinshasa

Protests against the US, UK, France, Belgium as well as the UN have escalated in the Democratic Republic of Congo as protestants demand for the immediate departure of the international community.

The protestants have accused the international community of supporting the M23 rebels who continue to advance and threaten to capture the strategic city of Goma, North Kivu Province in eastern DRC.

On Monday, angry protesters stormed the Memling Hotel where they removed and shredded the Belgian and European Union (EU) flags stuck at the building.

A group of young people burnt barricades outside the UK embassy while others gathered at the French embassy demanding for the Western countries to end their complicity in the worsening conflict.

The M23 rebels have been advancing and occupying villages close to Goma causing tens of thousands to flee their homes.

About 6.9 million Congolese have been displaced mostly in the eastern region in what is regarded as one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.



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