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MISCHIEVOUS LEADER: Congolese Likens Tshisekedi To “A Dog With Tail In Between Its Legs” Mounting A Monarch As Journalist Faces Arrest

A Congolese named Francis Monsengo has lashed out at President Felix Tshisekedi describing him as a scared “dog with the tail between its legs” that’s mounting a vicious lawless society.

Monsengo says Tshisekedi is aware of his failures and now wants to hold Congolese to ransom ahead of the elections in December.

“Felix Tshisekedi is a dog that holds its tail in between its legs.

“He is aware that the Congolese can not be fooled; the thug that he is, he is trying to behave like a monarch,” he said on twitter.

Meanwhile, journalist Patrick Lokala has disclosed that an arrest is imminent for his critical voice.

“The regime of Félix Tshisekedi has decided to arrest your humble servant Patrick Lokala on the basis of a file of offense to the Head of State fabricated from scratch,” he says.

According to reliable sources, the prosecution has already issued a wanted notice against Lokala.

“To this end, I have received many calls from my colleagues who asked me to live in hiding but I told them that I was going to spend my life normally until the day of my arrest,” he said.

President Tshisekedi’s regime has gone in overdrive arresting critical voices to intimidate opposition ahead of the elections in December.



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