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LOOTING DRC IN WASTEFUL EXPENDITURE: Katumbi Fumes After Tshisekedi’s Team Releases $400 Million For 1000 Boreholes

Ensemble pour la République president Moise Katumbi has fumed at the announcement that imposter President Felix Tshisekedi and his government have released $400 million to drill 1000 boreholes across the country saying the figures stink of grandscale corruption.

Katumbi says the Democratic Republic of Congo is in a sorry state to continue enduring the type of governance under Tshisekedi.

The former Katanga governor and renowned businessman whose electoral victory was stolen in 2023 says a single borehole drilling can’t cost more than $20, 000.

Katumbi has questioned the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on its silence as Congolese politicians loot the country at the expense of a war amd poverty ravaged population.

“In violation of the provisions of the public procurement law, the Ministry of Finance has released $400 million USD emergency mode for 1000 drillings…

“I have carried out more than 500 drillings in my career, the standard cost for one is less than 20 000 USD. Where does the money go?

“The @IMFNews and the @Banquemondiale remain silent in the face of this scandal. The money wasted could help millions of compatriots in need. Congolese justice, so quick to deal with opponents, remains silent.

“Corruption and mismanagement of public funds pose burning questions. Who are the culprits? The Congolese are demanding answers and severe sanctions against those who orchestrated this scam. It’s time for full transparency,” said Katumbi on his X (formerly twitter) account.



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