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KOLWEZI PLUNDER: New Governor Of Lualaba, Fifi Masuka, Accused Of Stealing $300 Million

A Congolese political activist in the diaspora, Mac Lushimba, has gone off on the leadership of Katanga describing them as “imbeciles” and “fools” who have stolen over $300 million from the coffers of Lualaba to buy loyalty from the leadership of President Felix Tshisekedi.

Lushimba, a native of Kolwezi, is a vocal political commentator who has taken issue with the current leadership of Katanga particularly Lualaba governor Fifi Masuka (in the picture) who he says is a conduit for grandscale corruption under the Tshisekedi regime.

He says Masuka has been spotted delivering cash to President Tshisekdi’s mother, Mama Marthe and other members of the first family.

Lushimba has warned Masuka that her time is coming when her decision to be used by President Tshisekedi’s family to plunder the resources of Katanga will be laid bare for the world to see.

He has taken issue with reports that Masuka was in the forefront of being used to allegedly persecute opposition leaders in Katanga or those deemed to be anti the current regime.

Lushimba says machinations to bring former governor of Lualaba Richard Muyej was part of President Tshisekedi’s scheme to cover up the dirty he and his family are engaged in, in Grand Katanga.

“Fifi Masuka, under your leadership in Lualaba, nothimg is progressing. You have stolen a lot of money. You are a thief. Information in Lualaba has spread out and you can’t tell lies. We are aware of how you’re used to taken bags of money to President’s Tshisekedi’s mother, mama Marthe.

“The Tshisekedi family likes you because they have established you are a useless woman they can use to destabilize Katanga. You want to take Muyej to face justice. Have you ever had a meeting to take your mafia president to face justice? The entire world knows how Tshisekedi and his family has plundered the resources of Congo, particularly Katanga,” Lushimba says in an audio narrated in Swahili and shared predominately on WhatsApp.

Lushimba says $14 million has disappeared from the remainder of the $300 million that was in the reserves for Lualaba and Masuka is aware of the ensuing challenge.

“The missing $14 million was in an account that was opened about one year and eight months ago. And transactions linking the same account to another shows that it was part of the $300 million in the reserves for the province,” he added.

Lushimba says Masuka is aware of how the funds were abused because she is part of the group that has stolen.

“Fifi Masuka, stop the destruction of Katanga. You are a brainless mother; you imbecile,” Lushimba unleashed.

“All you Katangese who are being used by Kasais to fight each other; you are imbeciles. Know that as they use you to fight your brothers and sisters, they will one day turn against you and eat you so they can take over you land.”

Lushimba says that Congo does not have a proper justice system because even President Tshisekedi’s election and presidency is bogus and born out of a mafia arrangements. He has appealed to the Congolese population to be vigilant and remove the current leadership from office.



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