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KILLER TSHISEKEDI: DRC President Claims The Opposition Figure He Ordered Killed Committed Suicide

Killer Felix Tshisekedi has ordered his justice system to announce that slained opposition Ensemble pour la République spokesman Chérubin Okende committed suicide seven months after the Head of State sent the secret service to murder him as a way of instilling fear in the opposition in the run up to the chaotic December 2023 elections.

The discovery of the body of Chérubin Okende – the spokesman for Moïse Katumbi’s Ensemble pour la Republique party who was shot dead in Kinshasa on 13 July – stunned the Congolese political class, and with just five months until the presidential election, heightened tensions.

On Thursday, 13 July, Chérubin Okende, a former minister of both transport and communications and the spokesman for Moïse Katumbi’s Ensemble pour la Republique (Together for the Republic), one of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s main opposition parties, was found shot dead at the wheel of his car in the country’s capital, Kinshasa. His family had reported his abduction a few hours earlier.

Today, as if to this Congolese are dumb idiots who can’t think and don’t know the truth, Tshisekedi claims Okende killed himself.

“Cherubin Okende committed suicide with the weapon of his bodyguard,” the so called investigations conducted by the Prosecutor General of the Court of Cassation called Firmin Mvonde has announced.

Those in the know are displeased with the conclusion and are taking to social media to rubbish the outcome of the investigations.

Before Chérubin’s killing, Tshisekedi had unleaded a vicious machinery against Katumbi and his executives.

Two days after killing Chérubin, on 15 July, opposition politician Franck Diongo was released after a month’s detention at the hands of the military intelligence services in Ndolo military prison. Diongo is the leader of the Mouvement lumumbiste progressiste (Progressive Lumumbist Movement, MLP), a presidential candidate and fierce critic of DRC President Félix Tshisekedi – as well as someone very close to Katumbi. He was arrested on 20 June by armed men on a Kinshasa street. He had fallen ill in jail.

On 30 May, Katumbi’s special advisor Salomon Idi Kalonda was arrested on the tarmac at N’djili airport by military intelligence and is still in detention.

A few days prior, provincial MP Mike Mukebayi, a member of Katumbi’s party, was arrested at his home and sent to Makala central prison for having made comments “inciting tribal hatred” in the wake of the opposition march that was suppressed on 20 May. Previously in May, Katumbi and former prime minister Matata Ponyo had been prevented from travelling to certain western provinces because of their respective political activities. Ponyo is also facing justice in the Bukanga Lonzo case, involving the disappearance of more than $205m for an agro-industrial park project.

Journalists such as Stanis Bujakera and other activists are still in jail at the hands of the murderous dictatorships of Tshisekedi.



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