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KEY FIGURES SHUN TSHISEKEDI: DRC Catholic & Protestants Leaders Stay Way From Fraudulent Inauguration; Stadium Filled With Police & Army Recruits

Felix Tshisekedi yesterday held a UDPS meeting which he called an inauguration for his illegal second term borne out of massive fraud.

The powerful leadership of CENCO led by Fridolin Ambongo shunned the occasion alongside the leadership of the protestant church all of whom have called the process shambolic.

Three Kasai priests showed up not with the blessings of the church by inspired by tribal inclinations.

Tshisekedi also forced some police and military recruits to fill the Stade de Martyrs and show the world a false impression that he has the endorsement of the population.

Those who didn’t attend were threatened with firing from their positions. Others were enticed to attend the event by being paid 20000 francs each (about $7).

Tshisekedi invited a group of African leaders to endorse his stolen election. They showed up.

But two of Great Lakes Region’s strong leaders Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda stayed away.

Former president Joseph Kabila, his political party PPRD and the FCC coalition stayed away having boycotted the electoral process.

The entire opposition leadership which has also rejected the outcome of the elections stayed away from the event.



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