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KATUMBI REACTS: Popular Opposition Candidate Calls On Congolese Population To Join Peaceful Actions Against Fraudulent Elections

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi candidate Moïse Katumbi has issued his first official statement since the proclamation of incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi as winner of the chaotic 2023 polls.

In a statement released this Wednesday, Katumbi has urged the Congolese join the cause to demonstrate against the recent fraudulently held presidential elections.

Katumbi, a popular figure amongst the Congolese population, came second with a unreasonable and meagre 18% rate of the votes in an election that was marred with several irregularities.

The Ensemble Pour la Republique leader encouraged the Congolese population not to give up on the fight for democracy and renewed hope for the country.

“My dear fellow citizens, to all of you who voted for me, to all of you, who believe that, together, a new Congo is possible, I swear to never abandon you” Katumbi said.

“Today, we are entering another phase of our quest for freedom. Together, we must save our country from the hands of predation, corruption, bad governance, and all kind of injustices.
This is why, with other fellow citizens and freedom-lovin social and political forces we thought that a citizen surge is vital. Saving our democracy has become more than a priority.”

Katumbi who attracted massive crowds on his campaign trail in the build up to the elections, has since offered himself to champion the fight against undemocratic electoral process.

“It is a duty! I will not fail in fulfilling my civic duty. This is why I ask you to not give up, to not
give in to discouragement or pessimism, but on the contrary, to resume the journey we started
together. Because nothing is over; everything is still possible, and we have a God-given right to this new Congo, and we will not allow anyone to destroy this dream that we have of building
it together.

Our Constitution urges us to oppose any group of individuals who want to seize power and
to keep it despite the Congolese people ‘s expressed will. For our dignity and the future of
our children, we must use all means that it puts at our disposal to refuse fraud and the
installation of the dictatorship.
Congolese people let us hold steadfast! Let us stay mobilized! The time for action has come.
Through peaceful and democratic actions, we will resist and reclaim our most legitimate right, that of defeating fraud and taking back control of our destiny with the leaders of our choice.”

Several opposition candidates as well as the international obsevers have so far declared the results announced by CENI as illegitimate following a number irregularities noted in the electoral process.



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