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KATUMBI IS THEIR SLOGAN: Tshisekedi Failing To Conduct His Campaign Without The Mention Of Katumbi

Opposition coalition Congo Ya Makasi candidate Moïse Katumbi says incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi is now failing to spell out his vision for the DR Congo to the people on his campaign trail.

Katumbi wonders why Tshisekedi and his cohorts have seemingly taken his name as a slogan that does not miss in their speeches at rallies where they are to be discussing what they intend to do for the Congolese population.

Speaking at a rally in Kikwit, Kwilu Province yesterday, Katumbi said Tshisekedi had proved he had no idea of how he intends to tackle the various challenges faced by the communities where he had been a let down in his first five-year term of office.

“Because he has no record, the name of Moïse Katumbi has become his record, their slogan, their business. Here in Kikwit, he has done nothing,” Katumbi said.

“The Kakobola project that he boasts about is an old project initiated by his predecessor and financed by partners.”

With Katumbi having launch a stern challenge for the presidency in the upcoming polls, Tshisekedi have resorted to laying false accusations of the opposition candidate being a foreign national that has been proved otherwise by the authorities on several occasions.



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