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KATUMBI IS THE WINNER: Don’t Be Cheated With Diaspora Results

The DR Congo electoral body last night announced partial diaspora results showing Felix Tshisekedi won votes among Congolese based outside the country.

Ironically, the results announced last night only represent a paltry 0.03% of the entire voting population.

Journalist Steve Wembi says several corroborating sources report the stuffing of ballot boxes at Brussels and Canada in favour of Tshisekedi.

In short, that vote was rigged.

“Electronic voting devices were seen in several apartments of Congolese in the diaspora,” according to Wembi.

Infact, the vote from abroad represents only 0.03% of the total body of around 44 million yet internally, Moise Katumbi is the real winner.

And according to people inside CENI and civil society organisations, Katumbi had won by at least 67%.

Clearly, the announcement is meant to psyche people – to prepare grounds that will see Tshisekedi being declared winner.

For all the machinations and manipulations currently underway, if you remove the 0.03% of the diaspora vote, Tshisekedi has not won 99.97% and he knows that!

Everyone who loves Congo, including the international community, should know that by declaring Tshisekedi as President, this country risks being on fire.




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