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KASAI: Eight Alleged Child Abductors Nabbed

The National Police has arrested eight (8) suspected child kidnappers in the border town of Kamako, about 150km from the city of Tshikapa, capital of Kasai province.

On Monday 5th June, the National Police confirmed the arrest of the eight suspects that also includes two (2) women who were identified as part of a network of kidnappers of children in Kamako.

It is said that the kidnappers sell the children into Angola where they are used for ritual sacrifices.

“They are a total of 8 including 2 women. They are child kidnappers. Some confessed their crime. These stolen children are drawn into theft, prostitution and others are sold to West Africans for fetishistic practices. Many children abducted in Kamako have remained without news”, explains Abbé Trudon Keshilemba Lamba, president of civil society in Kamako.

Meanwhile, Police in Kamako also confirmed the arrest of the suspects who are due to appear in court but remain in custody at Kamako Police Station due to challenges in transporting them to Tshikapa.



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