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In the eyes of the international community Africa is a dark continent where war is rife and the rule of law doesn’t exist in most countries.

The west constantly preach democracy to us and when we do as they wish, our wishes are painfully not always granted.

Yet when coups or war break out in Africa, they’re the first to impose sanctions or preach the importance of democracy.

Question is: where are you when we expect to whip people like Felix Tshisekedi – who is clearly desecrating on the DR Congo constitution and the wishes of the people who in their millions have overwhelmingly voted against him – in line?

If Congo were to burn as a result of this electoral fraud or if there was a coup, will you then blame the people?

We call upon you, the international community, to take time to reflect on the wisdom of General Brice Nguema, the military leader and now President of Gabon.

Gen Nguema’s point is that when the politicians are disrespecting the constitution by all kinds of games and shenanigans during the elections, they are not condemned strongly but left to have their way.

And when the military step in because the will of the people has not been respected, then they are accused of staging coups d’état.

Therefore, should the politicians not be properly checked before it gets to the point where the soldiers have to intervene?

DR Congo right now is sitting on a potential political volcano after Wednesday’s election which Tshisekedi is clearly determined to steal.

The international community, meanwhile, is watching with their arms folded and even encouraging the aggrieved political opponents of Tshisekedi to follow the due process of the law – in a judiciary that Tshisekedi has filled up with his tribesmen.

Will the international community then blame people if Congo erupts – why can’t they for once prevail over Tshisekedi, a product of the 2018 electoral fraud, to respect the wishes of the people that they don’t want him?

Congolese have spoken through the ballot. May their wishes be respected!



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