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INCOMPETENCE: Auditors Court Requests Sanctions Against “Incompetent” Governor

The Congolese Court of Auditors’ has appealed to the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly for the immediate sanctioning of Governor Gentiny Ngobila for what it has termed as “notorious incompetencies” in his leadership.

In a request signed on Monday, 21st August 2023, the Court of Auditors has requests that Ngobila and his team be duly sanctioned for their failure to declare public accounts for the 2022 financial year.

“Failure to submit the draft edict on rendering of accounts constitutes mismanagement with regard to article 214 of the law relating to public finances” the Court wrote.

“It is therefore up to the provincial assembly to apply the sanctions provided for by the constitution, with regard to the provincial government or its members responsible for the delay thus noted” the court declares.

The failure by the Ngobila led governorship to declare public accounts will incur sanctions to be drawn from Article 32 of the organic law on the composition, organization and functioning of the Court of Auditors and 213 paragraph 2 of the law relating to public finances.



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