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INCITING VIOLENCE: Tshisekedi Sent Protestants To Cause Havoc At UK, US & French Embassies

President Felix Tshisekedi is the one who yesterday sent people to protest at the embassies of United Kingdom, United States and France, investigations have revealed.

The protesters yesterday gathered in front the UK embassy in Kinshasa where they demanded for the three nations to leave DRC on allegations of supporting Rwanda and the M23 Rebels in the ongoing conflict in the east.

But DRCNewsToday investigations have revealed the protesters were Kasais led by disgraced Pastor Mukuma who was expelled from his church for sleeping with a married woman.

It is believed that the President has no solution to the war and is now venting out his anger on the west whom he is accusing of not supporting him enough.

“The ordinary Congolese is happy with the support the country receives from these partners. All the people that were protesting are Kasais sent by Tshisekedi. We hope these countries can see that Tshisekedi is a hypocrite,” a source said.

“He has failed to end the war after stealing elections. He has no solution after lying to the people that he will end the war if he’s re-elected.”

Tension has risen over the past few weeks in the eastern region of DRC as M23 Rebels take over several territories.



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