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IGNORANT PRESIDENT: Tshisekedi Makes A Joke Of Himself After Jab At Opponent Exposes His Lack Of Knowledge On Governance

Several people have come to the defence of Ensemble pour la République president Moise Katumbi after President Felix Tshisekedi launched an indirect attack on his suggesting he crippled the operations of the national railway company to benefit his businesses.

Tshisekedi made the remarks shortly after filing in his nominations on Saturday but did not name who is was referring to.

The Head of State said, “someone wants to become President of our country but when he was Governor of the copper province, he deliberately run down SNCC to benefitnhis transport companies. “

The false remarks made by President Tshisekedi which included branding other aspirants as “foreign candidates” were met with a sharp reaction by many familiar with the correct position of the operations of SNCC.

Christian Mwando, a high ranking member of the opposition Ensemble, wandered how Tshisekedi has been in government for four years with no understanding of its operations.

“Oh, my God. How is it possible that he has been in power but doesn’t know the difference in the operations of the central government and provincial administration?”

Many who chimed in on the issue have explained that SNCC was a state parastal that had nothing to do with provincial administration.

However, Katumbi’s campaign team emerged even stronger publishing videos of how the former Katanga governor helped revive SNCC including improving the rail-line.

Christian Momat Kabulo is a candidate for parliamentary office in the December 2023 polls.

He writes ✍️

A little reminder to the President of the Republic.

1. SNCC was created to essentially transport Gécamines ores. This is why 95% of the resources of this first came from Gecamines because the rail (railway) went to the operating sites.

2. Its fall is a consequence of that of Gecamines after the Kamoto mine drowned towards the end of the 1980s.

3. I urge the President of the Republic to obtain detailed information from the technical services before making certain public declarations. After all, he is our president and our honor is at stake.

4. SNCC is a State Portfolio company and depends on the central government. Perhaps the President of the Republic has forgotten that it is he who appoints the representatives of SNCC.

5. About Fabien Mutomb, CEO of SNCC and railway workers: At what rate does he pay SNCC workers?

With these acquisitions, so much praised by the President of the Republic, what railline will they run on and at what speed?

Mr. President of the Republic, we will not travel on SNCC trains like in Europe. No, Mr. President. we will travel on board SNCC trains as in the DRC of “Fatshi-Béton”.





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