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HIS TIME IS UP: Tshisekedi Wasting His Time Using Repression To Defeat The People’s Will, Says Seth Kikuni

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi Coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi’s ally Seth Kikuni says outgoing president Fèlix Tshisekedi is wasting his time using repression against citizens in a bid to cling on to power.

Thousands of Kinshasa residents on Wednesday gathered at opposition candidate Martin Fayulu’s ECiDe party headquarters to prepare for a march demanding for the immediate annulation of the catastrophic 2023 General Elections.

The Police acting under the instructions of Tshisekedi reacted with force and attacked the defenseless citizens with a number of people left injured in the chaotic incidents.

However, the opposition have not been detered and plan to conduct more protests calling on CENI President Dénis Kadima Kazadi to call off the sham of an election he has so far organized.

Seth Kikuni, who withdrew his candidacy to support Katumbi, has since added his voice and insists that there were no elections that were held.

Kikuni further adds that Tshisekedi cannot fight the people’s will with repression from the already incapacitated police force and the move will likely plunge the country into more chaos.

He writes;


1. There were no elections.

2. Tshisekedi will not have legitimacy, not even in dreams.

3. His joke of repression cannot last more than 15 days. Because the State does not have the financial means to deploy both the army and the police in all corners of the country. Managing such a crisis is stronger than the enjoyers that they are. If it persists, it will exhaust the already weak law enforcement, and the exchange rate will reach 10,000 FC.

4. So he is wasting his time. Fraud will not pass. Not this time.

5. These sham results will not be accepted and these chaotic elections canceled. Kadima will be arrested. No offense to the little tribalists who surround him, rejoice and push him to suicide.




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