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HE HAS MADE IT: Constitutional Court Validates Katumbi’s Candidature And Confirms New Entrant In The Presidential Race

Following a lengthy scan of and litigations against his bid for presidency, Moïse Katumbi has finally had his presidential candidature validated by the Constitutional Court and will now be able to contest the 20 December General Elections.

The Constitutional Court confirmed on Monday the validation of all 24 candidates that were presented before its bench by the electoral commission, CENI.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court on Katumbi’s candidature has been the most highly anticipated amongst all the 24 candidates following petitions that were submitted requesting the court to declare the Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader ineligible to run for president.

“The candidacy that was the talk of the town was retained, that of Moïse Soriano Katumbi Chapwe; the fairness of the law gave all the challengers the chance to compete on an equal footing” a source at the Constitutional Court revealed.

Opposition candidate Noël Tshiani had petitioned Katumbi’s candidacy citing various reasons including claims that he was a foreigner, allegations that have since been cleared.

Another petition by an unknown Tshivuadi Mansanga Junior was also declared inadmissible as the appeallant had no legal right to submit a claim before the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, surprisingly a new candidate has joined the presidential race to extend the number of candidates vying to become president to 25.

Sources have revealed that the Constitutional Court has declared as admissable the candidacy of Joëlle Bile filed a petition against the electoral commission, CENI’s decision to reject her nomination file.

Bile, leader of the Alternative for a New Congo (ACN) party, becomes the second woman in the race joining Marie Josée Ifoku.

Also as expected, incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi Tshilombo has also had his candidature validated after the court threw out an appeal by opposition candidate Seth Kikuni as it was submitted after the stipulated time.



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