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HAPPENING NOW: Voting Centres In Goma Still Yet To Open

Democratic Republic of Congo heads to the polls today, Wednesday 20 December, for its presidential and legislative elections.

The Congolese population have left their homes early in the morning to queue up at voting centres in order exercise their right to vote and partake in the shaping the future of the nation.

The Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) guided that polling stations would be open as early as 5am in the morning until 6pm when voting will close.

However, residents of the city of Goma, North Kivu Province in eastern DRC still await opening of polling stations as of 6:20am local time.

Some polling stations remain closed after the indicated hour of opening with the electorate and election obsevers deployed made to wait.

For now, the electorates and observers patiently wait for the opening of the polling stations determined to ensure they exercise their right and complete the business of the day.



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