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GUARDING THE PEOPLE’S WILL: Katumbi’s Camp Urge Public To Be Watchful And Ensure Tshisekedi And Kadima Do Not Succeed In Election Rigging Attempt

The Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party have encouraged the Congolese population to be vigilant and ensure that their will and choice in the 2023 General Elections are not tempered with.

Incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his puppet of an Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) Dénis Kadima Kazadi have advanced their efforts to rig the election with the former taking an early with insane figures that have been cooked up.

Christian Mwando, a national deputy for opposition Moïse Katumbi’s party in Katanga region, has encouraged the people to stand up and defend their democracy.

“Our State has become a State of mockery, a rogue State, and we, as partners in raising the heads of the Congolese, have decided to engage in the fight. And the fight will not be won alone by Moïse Katumbi, Matata Ponyo, Franck Diongo, Seth Kikuni, the fight will be fought with the Congolese people. This is why we ask these people to stand up. Tomorrow is a day of fight because the glory has been taken from us, because victory can be stolen from us and we can never accept it,” Mwando told reporters in Lubumbashi on Sunday.

“As high representative of Moïse Katumbi in greater Katanga, I ask all of Greater Katanga to stand up and ready for combat, ready for the supreme sacrifice because our victory will never be stolen from us, we are the sons and I am waiting for my father, Charles Mwando Simba, to accompany us to fight for our country. Our happiness is a collective happiness and we cannot accept that bandits steal our victory through the money that is ours, through the plundering of our resources.”

Mwando added that he and members of the Ensemble Pour la Republique party structures were ready to take action once instructions were issued.

“Let us take off the skin of cowards and be courageous men and fight for what is ours and for the Congo of our children and to move forward. We are waiting for the command from our commander who will speak to us, get up, don’t sleep, let’s stop the theft, the injustice in our country. Kadima wants to steal our victory. This victory will never be stolen from us. This is why I ask you, in the name of President Moïse Katumbi, to keep yourself in battle order,” he said.

The Ensemble Pour la Republique party formed a coalition dubbed “Congo Ya Makasi” with five other candidates in this year’s presidential election.

The Congo Ya Makasi have since called for the cancellation of the elections of December 20 in which they have cited ballot stuffing and logistical problems and have described the vote as chaotic.



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