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GRAND KATANGA THEFT: Governors Kyabula & Fifi Masuka Stealing $3.4 Million Public Funds Every Day

A parliamentarian in Grand-Katanga has asked for an investigation into alleged theft of public funds by President Felix Tshisekedi’s lap-dogs, Jacques Kyabula Katwe of Haut-Katanga and Fifi Masuka of Lualaba, involving millions of dollas.

National deputy Nanou Memba has accused Kyabula and Masuka of creating five private companies which are collecting taxes collectively amounting to $3.4 million a day. However, none of the collected taxes is being remitted to the National Treasury.

Memba has requested for a parliamentary inquiry into how the provinces of Lualaba and Haut Katanga are managing the funds as there is a clear case of fraudulent taxes.

Kyabula and Masuka

According to correspondence addressed to the office of the National Assembly, Memba says the funds are not traced in the coffers of the Public Treasury and such a case requires investigation.

Memba has listed the private companies generating the funds on behalf of the two provinces.

According to Member, the taxes are collected from 35 private portable weighbridges payable at a frequency of 300 trucks x 100 USD per day per bridge raking in a daily total of $1,050,000 USD;

He says there are 30 private booths on toll roads not recognized by Kinshasa with a daily flow of around $1,000,000 USD per day;

Membe explains that there are also 2 checkpoints with a scanner processing 1,200 trucks x $100 USD for a daily total of approximately $1,200,000 USD.

The official has demanded answers on the whereabouts of the resources. Both Masuka and Kyabula are President Tshisekedi’s blue-eyed officials.

Kyabula recently joined the Sacred Union after forming his own political party as a way of strengthening his relationship with President Tshisekedi.



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