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GOMA MASSACRE: Distressed Victims Demand Release of Incarcerated Relatives

Several victims of the August 30 massacre in the city of Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have demanded for the release of their family members who were arrested and have been kept in custody by authorities since the tragic events.

In the wake of the tragic incidents that ensued in Goma where dozens of people were killed during anti-MONUSCO demonstrations, the families have expressed their anguish they have faced over the continued detention of their relatives while also having had to cope with loss of other loved ones during the massacre.

Families of the detained victims took to the governor’s office this Friday morning to plead with government for the immediate release of their relatives.

“We are here to ask our governor to help us release our loved ones detained in Munzenze prison. Some of them have lost a parent, for example, a father and mother were killed, and their children are find themselves alone at home. They don’t know how to go to school, and some have lost both parents and don’t know how to survive today,” a representative of the relatives of the detained victims said.

Another victim added: “We demand the release of those who are in prison. As far as I am concerned, my husband has been in Munzenze since August 30, and I do not know how to take care of our children alone. We demand the help from the authorities.”

At least 140 people were arrested on the fateful day and remain in custody at Munzenze Central Prison in Goma and have slapped with two charges of partaking in rebellious movement and the murder of a police officer.

The detainees are due to undergo trial at the Goma Garrison Military Court.

Over 55 people lost their lives during the in the August 30 demonstrations as citizens demanded for the withdrawal of the UN-deployed MONUSCO troops in eastern DRC.



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