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FREE AT LAST: Stanis Bujakera Leaves Makala Prison

International journalist Stanis Bujakera finally left Makala central Prison on Tuesday evening after over six months in the authorities’ custody on trumped up charges.

Bujakera was notified via call from the public prosecutor’s office who confirmed his released in the evening while he prepared and packed up his belongings to leave the prison house.

After more than six months long incarceration, Bujakera can once again carry out his work in complete freedom and independence.

His release comes after the verdict of the TGI of Kinshasa/Gombe who sentenced him to six (6) months of penal servitude, a duration that he had already covered in preventive detention at Makala central prison since September 14, 2023.

Bujakera had been accused of spreading falsehoods in a story written by the Jeune Afrique over the assassination of former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende.



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