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FOREIGN HELP: Angola Offers To Come To The Rescue Of CENI To Ensure DRC Elections Are Held

Angola has come to the aid of the Democratic Republic of Congo electoral commission pledging air transportation to deliver electoral material less than two weeks before the highly anticipated polls.

This followed speculation that the DRC was on the brink of civil war should the postponement go ahead on account of logistical failures by CENI who president Denis Kadima is alleged to be a strong ally of incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi.

The DRC government and CENI have not responded to Angola’s offer.

The Democratic Republic of Congo 2023 General Elections is scheduled for December 20, 2023.

In an unusual and suspicious move, the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) sent a request to the Head of State, a candidate in the running, for logistical help.

In a letter signed President of the commission Dénis Kadima Kazadi, CENI have requested Tshisekedi to provide them with 4 Antonov planes and 10 helicopters in order for the commission to successfully hold the election.

With barely less than two weeks to polling day, the move by CENI has aroused public debate and criticism.

Tshisekedi has struggled on his campaign trail to convince the electorate to renew his mandate after a failed first five year term and now looks to employ underhand tricks to maintain his stay in office.

Earlier, leading opposition leader Moïse Katumbi offered to give CENI part of his transportation air fleet to overcome logistical challenges.

CENI have also not responded to Katumbi’s offer.




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