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FORCES OUT OF CONTROL: Army & Police Officers Among Criminals Apprehended in Goma

The Defense and Security Services have apprehended a new group of criminals causing security unrest in the city of Goma, North Kivu Province.

At least 16 alleged criminals, among them, uncontrolled elements of the Congolese army (FARDC), the National Police, the APCLS as well as some civilians were on Saturday presented before the police mayor of Goma, senior superintendent Kapend Kamand Faustin.

For the Urban Authority, the operation known as “Safisha mji Goma”, meaning (Meaning: Clean the city of Goma) which was recently launched with a view to eradicating urban crime, is already producing fruits and will have to continue until all those who threaten the peace of the population of Goma and its surroundings are apprehended.

According to information provided by the urban authority, at least seven suspected bandits were apprehended during a closure operation carried out on April 25 in the Bujovu, Mikeno and Mapendo neighborhoods, an area commonly called Birere.

On April 22, another group of alleged bandits, who were operating in the night with a stolen vehicle, was controlled by defense and security forces near CCLK, west of the city.



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