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FORCED TO QUIT: Governor Of Lualaba, Richard Muyej, Finally Throws In Towel After A Two-Year Hostage

After being held hostage in Kinshasa by government authorities for over two years, the governor of Lualaba – Richard Muyej Mangez Mans – has called it quits ending speculation he would one day return to the province to take up his position.

Muyej contested a 2021 decision by the provincial assembly to depose him through the Constitutional Court but the matter has never been resolved.

The out-going governor was seen as an ally of former president Joseph Kabila who would be a stumbling block to the interests of the ruling party of President Felix Tshisekedi in their illegal pursuit for mineral wealth in Kolwezi, the administrative capital of Lualaba.

Muyej was accused of grand scale corruption and looting by the current regime but has never been tried by a criminal court in the country.

His initial exit from the province was when he sought medical attention in South Africa. He has since his return from the time he was evacuated to South Africa been blocked from visiting his province.

Muyej, a Lunda and popular figure in Lualaba where he is known as Papa Solution, finally dropped the guard and officially quit his position last week.

His decision to quit paves way for elections of the new governor. His deputy, Fifi Masuka, who observers say has fought to oust him and aligned herself with President Felix Tshisekedi and the first family who are pilfering minerals from the country, will be seeking to now officially assume the post.

In an interview with local media, Muyej says; “It was time for me to stop and give governance the chance to regain legitimacy, through free and transparent elections so that the foundations of recovery are finally consolidated.

“I would not want to be the obstacle to the development of a province that I love very much.”

Muyej says he freely and willingly lodged his resignation although sources have told DRCNEWSTODAY that he was forced to quit.

“For those who follow my file closely, they will remember that exactly two years ago, on January 10, 2021, I was evacuated to South Africa for health reasons. I’ve been away from my province for two years, my province has been groping for two years, my province is struggling to support the recovery momentum, I think it was time for me to stop.”

In September 2021, 11 out of 17 provincial deputies voted to depose Muyej from his post but the decision stalled after a court case.



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