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FOR HIS SELFISH & EVIL MOTIVE: Tshisekedi Ridicules Constitutional Court With Gibberish Tshivuadi Petition To Invalidate Katumbi’s Candidature

While the law sets forth that the Constitutional Court can only entertain petition from an eligible and recognized candidate or political party to contest another candidate’s file for election, the Congolese law system can now entertain ridiculous submissions to support the selfish and evil motives of a leader.

For his re-election, DR Congo President Fèlix Tshisekedi is willingly to go to any length and ridiculing the sanctity of the Constitutional Court is a minor issue.

An unrecognized Tshivuadi Mansanga Junior, a puppet sent by Tshisekedi, saw his petition navigate through and received by the Constitutional Court whom he requested to invalidate opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi’s candidature.

Tshivuadi in his six-page petition is contesting the candidature of Katumbi on baseless allegations of the former Katanga Governor not proving Congolese nationality as well as an unclear criminal record.

“This request should not even have passed through the doors of the Court. It is clearly inadmissible. Its author is not a presidential candidate nor presented by a political party at this end.

This is why the internal regulations of the Constitutional Court have provided for a filtering mechanism” a source from the Constitutional Court says.

In a bid to redeem himself after letting down Tshisekedi by validating Katumbi’s candidature, CENI President Dénis Kadima Kazadi was forced to accept and present a petition by an unauthorized individual before the Constitutional Court.

“We do not understand why Denis Kadima sent his secretary to submit this request. Now we are exposing the Court to ridicule by already notifying the CENI, such a request which should have immediately been classified as inadmissible.”

Infuriated by Kadima Kazadi’s failure to play into his scheme by instead validating Katumbi’s candidature, Tshisekedi is determined to use the Constitutional Court to block the Ensemble Pour la Republique leader from contesting the 20 December Election.



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