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FATSHI SHEDS BLOOD AGAIN: One Dies As Tshisekedi Assigned Agents Attack Katumbi’s Procession In Kindu

Out of frustration of a disastrous campaign trail so far, incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi has now taken a new shameful turn ordering police to use live ammunition against his challenger Moïse Katumbi and his supporters.

The aim is to intimidate or maime poor and innocent Congolese showing overwhelming support for Katumbi and his entourage.

Early today, Master Dido Kakisingi, the Provincial Youth Chairman of the opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party in Maniema Province, has been shot dead during series of fierce attacks by armed government special agents.

Kakisingi died on the spot this Tuesday afternoon after he was hit by a live ammunition fired by special agents who attacked innocent Kindu residents who had come out to meet and offer their support to the opposition common candidate Moïse Katumbi.

Katumbi arrived in Kindu the capital of Maniema Province this afternoon for a series of campaign meetings but was surprisingly welcomed with fierce attacks by an armed group of state assigned agents.

Tshisekedi and his camp were left frustrated after their campaign in Kindu failed as the electorate rejected and called the incumbent a “thief” for the various corrupt and tax evasion offences committed by his government.

While Tshisekedi was shamelessly driven out of Kindu, Katumbi’s opposition ally and former Prime Minister Augustin Matata Ponyo went on to attract massive crowds in the town that swore to vote for the Candidate Number 3 just a few days later.

Ahead of today’s rally which has successfully been held despite the Tshisekedi sponsored violence, the idea was to disrupt the procession.



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