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FAKE POLL: Compromised Ebuteli, CRG Projects Tshisekedi’s Re-election But Detailed Survey Says Otherwise

In another fake poll, DR Congo research organizations, Ebuteli Institute and the Congo Research Group (CRG), have projected incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi to win the upcoming to presidential election following a survey conducted.

This latest survey by Ebuteli and the CRG has however looks set to be discredited for a lack of merit and a conspiracy of Tshisekedi in his scheme to manipulate the election.

Ebuteli and CRG institutes have projected Tshisekedi to win the election by 49.1% margin ahead of opposition candidates Moïse Katumbi, Martin Fayulu and Dr. Dénis Mukwenge among others.

The survey that was conducted through random phone calls from a meagre audience of just 450,000 over the last two days with Tshisekedi pitted to be leading the race.

Surprisingly, Tshisekedi has struggled woefully while on his campaign even in regions considered to his strongholds with several and more detailed surveys having endorsed opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi to be way ahead. Various credible polls indicate that will come out a distant third.

Recently, the Pan-African Umoja Institute (IP-UMOJA), an independent political research group, released a detailed 18-page survey that was conducted through a thorough poll that saw Katumbi emerged ahead of Tshisekedi.

Katumbi was projected to win the election with a 69.2% rate after receiving overwhelming response and support from his well-organized campaign trail.

Aside the IP-UMOJA survery, the Commission Africaine pour la Supervision des Élections (CASE) and others have also projected Katumbi to be ahead.

Meanwhile, the survey by Ebuteli and CRG is only the second to have endorsed Tshisekedi with the first published GeoPoll by discredited for having flawed figures to favour the incumbent.



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