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ENDING UN MISSION IN DRC: Congo Announce Decades Long MONUSCO Peacekeeping Mission Will End Within Six Months

Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) say the UN Peacekeepers will withdraw from the country within the next six months. The country’s Minister of Communication made the announcement in the capital Kinshasa.

Many Congolese have called for the departure of the UN force due to its ineffective role to protect civilians from violent armed groups in eastern DRC.

The DRC’s Minister for Communication, Patrick Muyaya, says they are working on a transition-plan with the UN peacekeeping troops, ahead of the withdrawals. The decision follows a meeting of senior government officials and the UN’s chief of Peace Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix.

The UN Peacekeeping mission in the DRC known as MONUSCO, faced severe criticism for its inability to protect vulnerable civilians against violent armed groups. Last year, a series of protests against the UN body broke out in eastern DRC. 36 people died including four peacekeepers.

The recent backlash against the peacekeepers, was triggered by the resurgence of the M23 rebels in eastern DRC in late 2021. With the head of the UN peacekeeping mission’s decision to halt its support to the Congolese army due to the M23 rebels being better equipped, has enraged Congolese officials, who urged the mission to leave the country.

The UN force has been present in eastern DRC since 1999. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and South Africa are amongst the major troop contributors.

The current mandate of the UN outfit is set to expire in December. It will be a gradual withdrawal in an effort to ensure no vacuum is left for the rebels to exploit.




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