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ELECTION WATCHDOG: America Assigns “No Nonsense” Official To Ensure “Credible”, “Free” & “Inclusive” Polls In DRC

The United States of America has nominated iron lady Victoria Nuland as a special envoy watching over the forthcoming coming presidential elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo ensuring “free”, “fair”, “inclusive”, “transparent” and “credible” polls as tension rise ahead of December 20, 2023.

Nuland, 62, is the acting Deputy Secretary of State with extensive international experience.

According to those who know her, Nuland is a “no nonsense” diplomat who gives no chance to leaders who stifle human rights.

She was particularly critical in the politics of Eastern Europe and has stood up to the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is believed that Nuland will put her foot down to esnure President Felix Tshisekedi respects the electoral process and adheres to the tenets of a credible outcome that will represent a true reflection of the voter’s decision.

In 2018, the USA assigned over 80 special forces that were stationed in Gabon overseeing the elections amid threats of violence post the vote.

There are fears Tshisekedi and his supporters want to steal the vote, a situation that threatens the peace of an already war-torn country which is key to the Great Lakes region and contributes significantly through various minerals to the global economy.

Watching over a peaceful election in the DRC process is critical to America as widespread instability has the potential to create chaos in the global economy.

Tshisekedi is facing fierce competition from popular businessman and former Katanga Governor Moise Katumbi.

Katumbi, the Ensemble pour la République president, is currently targetted with his senior aides under state surveillance.

A little over two weeks ago, Ensemble spokesperson Chérubin Okende was assassinated by state agents after being kidnapped in the premises of the Constitutional Court.

Senior special advisor to Katumbi, Salomon Kalonda Della, was brutally kidnapped on May 30 and has spent over 60 days in military custody on trumped up charges. Ensemble collaborator, Mike Mukebayi, who is an MP has also been imprisoned on false charges.

Opposition leader Franck Diongo was recently released from custody after also being arrested on false charges.

Several other Ensemble members and citizens critical of the rising Tshisekedi dictatorship are also still in custody.



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