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ECONOMY DIVERSIFICATION: Katumbi’s Kashobwe Farm Starts Producing Organic Rice

Moïse Katumbi’s dream of a diversified economy in the Democratic Republic of Congo lives on and he exercises it with his private businesses.

Katumbi’s ambition is for a Congolese economy that does not solely depend on mining but also other sectors such as agriculture that has huge potential in the DR Congo.

The leader of the opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party has since started revolutionizing the DR Congo’s agricultural sector through his M’siri farm situated at his Kashobwe Concession in Haut-Katanga Province where a variety of farm produce are being churned out.

The M’siri farm is now the first only holding to produce organic rice on a large scale in the DR Congo that is now being distributed across the country.

Katumbi has invested heavily in machinery used in the production of organic rice that is simply worth its weight in gold.

Organic rice is also part of Katumbi’s ambition to see a DR Congo self-sufficient on food to cut dependency on imports from neighbouring countries.



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