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DULL TSHISEKEDI: Salomon Is A Private Citizen Who Can’t Be Charged With Releasing “State Secrets”

In his desperation, President Felix Tshisekedi has slapped Salomon Kalonda Della, the senior advisor to opposition leader Moise Katumbi, with a charge that does not make sense at law but exposes his dull approach to silencing the opposition ahead of the elections on December 20, 2023.

Salomon’s lawyers have said it is illogical that someone
who is not part of the system can be charged with disclosure of “defense secret” or “invasion of national defense”

“He is neither in the army, nor in the police, much less in the security services, how can he hold state secrets,” the lawyers contend.

The lawyers argue that a private citizen can’t be charged with such an offence as it was defective.

Observers in Congo says the embarrassing nature of Salomon’s persecution exposes Tshisekedi’s dullness.



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