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DRC URANIUM: Tshisekedi & Kyabula Expose Katangese Population To Hazardous Material Mining Toxic Uranium In Unsafe Conditions

An investigation by civil society organizations and some foreign journalists visiting Katanga has revealed that President Felix Tshisekedi and Haut Katanga governor Jacques Kyabula Katwe in concert with an Indian company are allegedly mining uranium in Katanga using unsafe methods.

The toxic uranium material is being mined near Shinkolobwe, a site north of Lubumbashi which is also famous for supplying the raw material that was used in the atomic bomb detonatedon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during the second World War.

Experts have warned that the uranium deposit in the area is highly toxic and must be safely handled before processing for any commercial use or export which the Democratic Republic of Congo currently doesn’t have.

According to recent findings, Tshisekedi and Kyabula are working with foreign entities namely Lualaba Mining and Rubamines and have set up their operations about 150 meters away from the actual Shinkolobwe site.

“For a example, Lualaba Mining is separated from the ultra hazardous uranium site of Shinkolobwe by a major mine transport road that leads you into Rubamines and Lualaba Mining Facilities and Quarry Plant,” the report seen by DRCNewsToday reads.

“What is surprising, on the other side of Shinkolobwe, the authorities are pretending to prohibit exploitation during the day. Opposite, at Lualaba Mining, a subsidiary of Rubamines, operation are underway 24/7 in the guise of copper and cobalt mining.”

The report states that while the DRC is endowed with copper and cobalt, it is unlikely that the scenario in the Likasi area will produce those results because the operation are designed to extract other minerals than those stated.

The population in Likasi, which is the largest city close to Shinkolobwe, have warned of the effects of the activities of Kyabula and his associates at Lualaba Mining and Rubamines.

“The International Community must follow closely the dangerous activities of Kyabula and his associates in Shinkolobwe. They have authorized the exploitation of these minerals and exposed the children of Katanga to harm from these uranium materials,” the report reads.

Civil society organizations have continued raising alarm on the fraudulent activities, smuggling and looting of minerals in the area.

There is a strong understanding that Tshisekedi and Kyabula using proxies and their Indian Associates are allowing the use of toxic minerals at the expense of the health of the population of Katanga.

“Congolese lives are at stake and action must be taken to preserve their environment,” the report concludes.

It’s understood that the illegal and risky mining of toxic material has the blessing and protection of Tshisekedi and Kyabula, both of whom are enjoying direct benefits from the proceeds.



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