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CRUEL TSHISEKEDI RENDERING CONGOLESE FOOTBALL MISERABLE: Govt Blocks Mazembe From Hosting African Football League Match In DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s sole representative in the inaugural African Football League TP Mazembe have been blocked from hosting their home matches in the newest top continental competition by government.

The five-time African champions, Mazembe are scheduled to host Tunisian heavyweights Esperance Sportive des Tunis in a quarter-final encounter on Saturday, 21st October at the TP Mazembe Stadium in Lubumbashi.

However, the fixture being played in Lubumbashi is now in doubt as Republican President Fèlix Tshisekedi and his government are determined to block the legendary Congolese club from playing their home matches to support his hatred and political scheme against 2023 Presidential Elections challenger and opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique President Moïse Katumbi who owns the club.

In an official statement released on Sunday night, Mazembe revealed that Tshisekedi’s regime had done everything to frustrate the club’s efforts to host this highly significant match in Lubumbushi even after the club ensured that all CAF requirements to this encounter were adhered to.

“When the 1st edition of the Africa Football League, which brings together the 8 most prestigious clubs on the continent, including TP Mazembe, is due to start next weekend, the DRC government is blocking the holding of the match between the TPM at Esperance Sportive in Tunis.

Indeed, all CAF equipment, including the VAR, remains blocked under customs in Lubumbashi and the visas of CAF commissioners and VIP guests have, to date, not been issued. Through its inexplicable attitude, the government deprives the only Congolese team selected within the very closed circle of African football giants from entering the competition and puts it at risk of shameful disqualification” a statement on Mazembe’s official website reads.

The club also wondered why by President Tshisekedi and his government had decided champion their political agendas while jeopardizing the dreams and livelihoods of the Congolese youths and others from different regions on the continent.

“By mixing sport and politics, the Congolese government is on the wrong track. He must know that it is not Moïse KATUMBI that he is sanctioning, but the Congolese youth whose star must shine at the top of world football. Seeking, for non-sporting reasons, to deprive Congolese footballers of showing off their formidable talent to the whole world is the most perfect wickedness” Mazembe wrote.

The statement continues; “For several years, TP Mazembe has been the victim of real discrimination by the government. Proof of this is that the Ravens are the only Congolese club not to have benefited from government support. This unfair treatment ultimately leads to the belief that the money from the Public Treasury would be produced in the village of the Minister of Finance who disposes of it as he wishes.”

Meanwhile, Mazembe revealed that the squad remains focused on its preparations for the encounter against the Tunisians even as the club faces discrimination from the government.

“No one will prevent TP Mazembe and its Ravens from overcoming national competitions and keeping their place and their heads held high among the giants of African football.”

This is the latest act of repression and discrimination against the opposition who have been faced with different Illegalities including assassination and unjust detentions at the hands of President Tshisekedi’s government in the lead up to the 20 December 2023 Presidential Elections.



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