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DRC ELECTIONS: CENCO-ECC Note Several Anomalies On Election Day

The joint Christian civil society CENCO-ECC’s Observation Mission noted a number of anomalies on polling day in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The CENCO-ECC held a press conference this evening where it expressed its concern over several incidents that transpired on polling day in different regions.

Some of the irregularities noted included the failure by the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) to provide the required electoral materials some areas.

The failure to adhere to the stipulated time of opening of polling stations for the electorate to cast their votes was also regretted by the church.

“In the commune of Lemba at the Tumaini and Mokengeli schools no deployment of equipment. At the Lemba atheneum the offices opened at 3:00 p.m. And in the commune of Limete at the Lumumba Institute no deployment of equipment until at 5:00 p.m. Africa School in Kinsuka had not yet opened until 3:55 p.m” spokesperson of the CENCO-ECC Reverend Eric Nsenga said.

Voting continues in some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo this evening as several citizens still queue up to exercise their right to vote.



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