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DRC EAST WAR: Tshisekedi Signed Shady Deals With M23; Must Take Responsibility For Insurgence

Opposition Together for the Republic spokesperson, Chérubin Okende, says President Felix Tshisekedi’s “reckless and inconsistent” initiatives is to blame for the on-going insurgence in the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Okende accused Tshisekedi of signing shady agreements with the terrorist movement M23 and that he further made a unilateral decision to join the East African Community (EAC) without the approval of the country’s legislative assembly.

“The regime of President Félix Tshisekedi is solely responsible for the resurgence of the M23 rebels,” he said.

“The regime’s inability to guarantee the integrity of the territory, peace and security of the populations throughout the national territory has cause the increase in crime. There is widespread insecurity and young people are often exploited by the ruling party through inter-ethnic conflicts in several territories.”

Okende says his party has asked the United Nations Security Council and the entire international community to condemn the aggression against the DRC by foreign forces.

He says the UN Security Council must ensure that the electoral process is secure so that Congolese are allowed to choose the leaders of the country.

For this opposition party, the current regime must therefore not “use the insecurity maintained in certain territories of the country” as a pretext to delay the holding of elections beyond the constitutional deadlines and illegally “stay in power”.



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