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DRC 2023 POLLS: CENI Dismisses 20 Agents; Extends Voter Registration In Katanga

The Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) says 20 agents accused of cloning voter’s cards have been dismissed.

And the electoral body has extended the registration exercise by 15 days in regions that include Grand Katanga.

CENI provincial executive secretary Fabienne Mukulumoya announced during an awareness conference for mass registration organized in Lubumbashi by the NGO “Rien Sans les women” and USAID on February 23 that individuals engaged in mal-practice were dropped.

The agents were among other infractions demanding money from applicants for new voter cards.

Given the gravity of the offense, they were dismissed from the start of the enrollment operation in the provinces pending ongoing investigations.

Mukulumoya also indicated that some police officers have been changed while other temporary CENI agents involved have been dismissed for violating the regulations in order to put an end to the misconduct.

“There are sanctions that can go as far as criminal. Already at our level, we take disciplinary sanctions which lead in particular to the dismissal of these agents or to the breach of the contract. And at the level of our province, we have already sanctioned 20 people and the investigations are continuing,” she said.

The region of Grand Katanga is the beneficiary of the 15-day extension of the voter registration exercise which covers other areas in the second operational area.



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