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DRC 2023 ELECTION: EU Withdrawing From Observer Mission Citing Deliberate Frustrations Deployed By Tshisekedi

The European Union Observer mission to the 2023 presidential and legislative elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo is planning to withdraw citing frustrations deployed by President Felix Tshisekedi.

President Tshisekedi has mounted roadblocks to prevent a successful EU observer mission. He hopes EU be ousted so that their absence paves a way for him to engage in widespread fraud to steal the victory of the December 20, 2023 polls.

Sources in Kinshasa have disclosed that the mission deployed in the DRC for two weeks now has reached a tipping point.

This is after the Congolese government refused from to have satellite devices essential to the success of their mission procured.

The 42 European observers have decided to withdraw from the Congolese electoral process arguing that the absence of recommended technical instruments makes it impossible to monitor elections in a country with 2,345,409 kms2.

Transmission of data by satellite is critical in the DRC elections and Since October 2023, those responsible submitted requests for authorization of the said devices but have received no response from authorities.

Today at noon, Brussels is expected to announce the withdrawal of one of its most important missions deployed in Africa.

In the European observers delegation is Martin Kobler, the former representative of the Secretary General of the Nations who headed MONUSCO.

Those close to the develop contend that constraints imposed by the government of President Tshisekedi were deliberate to necessitate fraud.

It is understood that having these satellite devices will prevent Tshisekedi from avoiding an imminent embarrassing defeat.

The DRC electoral process is already marred by numerous organozational shortcomings.

Several political analysts believe President Tshisekedi is aware of an unfavorable outcome but is determined to swing the vote his way using any available under-hand method.



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