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DICTATORSHIP: Tshisekedi Orders Arrest Of Reuters Correspondent, Stanis Bujakera, In Kinshasa

After celebrating the life of his mentor Mobutu Sese Seko at a remembrance event on the 26th anniversary since his death in exile, President Felix Tshisekedi returned to his presidential palace with some notes on how to silence journalists.

Tshisekedi immediately ordered the arrest of popular Congolese journalist Stanis Bujakera.

Bujakera was arrested at N’djili International Airport in Kinshasa on Friday night, his X (formerly Twitter account) reports.

According to a brief post, Bujakera’s team has taken over the management of his popular social media handle.

Bujakera has more than half a million followers on the platform and is about one of the most credible Congolese journalists who posts exclusives and breaking news.

He also is a correspondent for Reuters, Jeune Afrique and Actualite.

No further information has been given on Bujakera’s arrest.

“Stanis Bujakera was arrested
this evening at N’Djili airport as he was preparing to travel. [His account is now managed by his team],” the notice reads.

Apart from sending his elite military guards to kill innocent and unarmed civilians in Goma and Lubumbashi amounting to over
100, Tshisekedi has also used state powers to silence dissenting voices.

Tshisekedi has been linked to the death of opposition Ensemble pour la République spokesperson Chérubin Okende who was kidnapped and later assassinated in mid July.

The Head of State is also behind the illegal arrests of other political opponents such as Moise Katumbi’s senior advisor Salomon Kalonda Della and National Deputy Mike Mukebayi.

DRC has become extremely tense ahead of the elections set for December 20, 2023.



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