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DEMONIC INTENTIONS: Katanga Youths Call Out Tshisekedi’s Planned Ploy To Eliminate Katumbi From Presidential Race

A group of youths in Katanga territory of Haut-Katanga Province have submitted a petition to local NGO, the Katanga Foundation to stand against the alleged plot by incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi to block opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique leader Moïse Katumbi from contesting the 20 December 2023 Presidential Elections.

Tshisekedi’s planned scheme to use the electoral commission, CENI as well as the Constitutional Court to eliminate Katumbi and other leading opposition candidates from the presidential race have recently been exposed.

Despite having submitted complete and valid particulars of necessary documents in his successful filing of his nomination, Tshisekedi is determined to ensure Katumbi is not on the ballot this December and has since tasked the authorities to declare his national identity papers invalid.

On Thursday, youths in the Katanga came together submit their stance to condemn this scheme being construed by “demons of division” who are enemies of democracy.

“There is a group of individuals from CENI and the Constitutional Court who are driven by demons of division wanting to put aside the candidacy of Moïse Katumbi.

President Katumbi has submitted all his identity documents, there is no problem with any documents” the youths declared at the Katanga Foundation office on Thursday.

Having let down the people of the DRC in his first term of office with several unfulfilled promises, Tshisekedi is terrified by the show of emphatic support for Katumbi by DRC citizens in various territories during his tour of several territories in the country.



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