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DEFYING THE LAW: Tshisekedi Sends Armed Security Forces & Auditorium Authorities To Search His Critique José Makila’s Residence

Former Équateur Province governor José Makila, a popular critique of the President Fèlix Tshisekedi, was last night visited by state security forces and authorities who conducted a search at his Kinshasa residence without a warrant.

Elements from the Congolese Army (FARDC), National Police, special investigative wing ANR as well as the Auditorate department forcefully made their way into Makila’s residence as instructed by Tshisekedi.

The search was conducted in violation of Article 34 of the Congolese constitution that protects citizens from having their private properties searched by authorities without a warrant.

However, thirsty to have all that he can find to justify his incompetent governance record, Tshisekedi has continously violated the law with illegal orders including arrests.

Makila has been vocal and frankly criticized Tshisekedi and his government for their numerous unfulfilled promises to the Congolese population and embezzlement of public funds.



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