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DEFEAT ESTIMATED: Tshisekedi’s Own Party Members Threaten To De-Campaign Him

Incumbent President Fèlix Tshisekedi has continued to lose confidence of the people in build-up to the 2023 General Elections and now his own party members seem to have grown fade up of him and his incompetent leadership.

The ruling Union Sacred party’s council of new candidates have threatened to withdraw their endorsement of Tshisekedi’s candidacy in the 20 December polls.

The aspiring candidates to elected on the ruling party’s ticket at national, provincial and municipal levels have complained in a letter addressed to Tshisekedi for being neglected by the party hierarchy.

The new candidates have also warned Tshisekedi of the great risk the party faces of losing the 2023 General Elections to opposition candidate Moïse Katumbi whose candidacy has been well campaigned while the Union Sacred party and its leader have appalling failed to drum up support.

Tshisekedi has since been given an ultimatum of upto 30 November 2023 to secure financial support for the new candidates who have struggled to conduct their campaigns.

“Thus said, we find ourselves obliged to disavow them in the face of our nation and the entire world if they are adamant about their satanic project” the new candidate’s letter to Tshisekedi reads.

“Therefore, if until November 30, 2023, no significant funding is made available to us, we will take to the streets to denounce this mafia (everywhere on the National Territory) and we will line up against our own camp and against your candidacy and failure would be assumed by all.”



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