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DECLARATION OF WAR: Tshisekedi Sends Soldiers To Kill Mwando Nsimba The Same Way They Killed Cherubin Okende

In an open declaration of war between Kasai and Katangese, President Felix Tshisekedi has ordered the killing of senior opposition Ensemble member Christian Mwando Nsimba.

Tshisekedi has vowed to retain power by force and using the military despite losing the election to Ensemble pour la Republique president Moise Katumbi.

As a consequence, Tshisekedi has ordered commandos being supervised by war criminal Jean Pierre Bemba to eliminate members of the opposition.

Mwando, one of the most vocal aides of Katumbi, is the first target.

The sodliers are set to invade Mwando’s house in the wee hours.

Ensemble spokesman Herve Diakese has confirmed the presence of soldiers at Mwando Nsimba’s residence.

“Soldiers have just surrounded the
residence of @mwandochris in

“This way of seeking to
intimidate political adversaries is a very serious mistake.

“We denounce these methods of dictatorships. lt’s always counterproductive!” he said.

On June 13, 2023, Tshisekedi ordered the killing of Okende as part of the scheme to send Katumbi in exile so as it exclude him from the presidential race.



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