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CROOKED ZAMBIAN PASTOR: The Embarrassment Fallen Pastor Nevers Mumba Has Become; Calls Fraudster Tshisekedi “My Friend”

Three years ago Nevers Mumba was arrested by the Congolese intelligence for meeting former Lualaba Governor Richard Muyej in Kolwezi.

Democratic Republic of Congo fraudster president Felix Tshisekedi order the arrest of Nevers because he has uncomfortable the former Zambian vice-president was having meetings with a Governor who elected to remain loyal to Joseph Kabila and the FCC.

Today, three years after Nevers was treated by a common criminal in Congo, he turns around and wants to tell the world that Tshisekedi is his friend of many years.

What kind of a pastor is this man with such a disgraceful tongue? When did Nevers become friends with Tshisekedi?

We understand Nevers Mumba is eying the position of foreign affairs minister in Zambia.

Well, we understand that it is his right to aspire to any office in his country.

But some level of integrity should be displayed by this pastor. He condemned the elections in Zimbabwe and did not congratulate Emmerson Mnangagwa on the strength that the elections there were rigged.

The situation is worse in Congo. But Nevers sees nothing wrong. We know that he is a broke man looking for an opportunity to survive.

Let him look for survival with decency especially as a man of the cloth.

Not when Congo is heading towards a serious crisis.



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